Monday, October 3, 2016

Easy Fall Centerpieces

Here's another easy centerpiece for fall. 
Nestle string lights between pinecones 
in any container for an enchanting 
autumn vignette.
I'm using a dough bowl that I bought in 
Colorado years ago.
 I needed to elevate the candles. I used
 scrap 2x4's for the bottom.
I filled the bowl with small pinecones. 
The candles are circled with cinnamon sticks
 which is just the look I wanted. I always
 light the wicks so they don't look unused. 
I found 2 antique brownish cable thingies 
and stuck them in the ends. I originally 
thought I would use them as interesting
 curtain rod finials. (if anybody knows what 
they really are, please leave a comment.)
That didn't take long at all.
It did need a little night time pizazz.
I found this package of starry lights
at Target and knew they just made for
my centerpiece. They are tiny lights on a
copper wire that blends into the pinecones.
 It's battery operated, so it can go anywhere. 
 Just flip it on when it gets dark. 
 Pinecones and tiny lights. 
The copper wire make it easy to bend and tuck. 



  1. How simple was that! I need those battery lights for my mantel! I enjoy your blog and all your tips! But most of all your interior decor is so beautiful. I follow you on Instagram as well. My IG account is nance5210. I just want to put a face to my words here!
    I have followed you for years and may have commented as Nancy from Ohio. Not anymore. I have moved to AZ and I also have a Lakehouse in Pennsylvania.
    Have a most beautiful day! ~Nancy

  2. Oh I also love your recipes and enjoy your simple cocktails! Thank you so much for all your hard work! It's hard to keep a blog going. ~Nancy

  3. Amazing because I am sitting here looking at my copper wired battery lights and wondering where I should use them! Thanks for the idea. Also big hello out to one of my other favorite blogs,

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