Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring 3-Tier Galvanized Tray

This 3 tier galvanized tray has just replaced 
the basket tray that usually sits on the kitchen
 counter. It's been vignette-ized for spring.
I quickly grabbed a few things to fill it.
The vintage galvanized kitchen scale and
galvanized chicken feeder, (now plate rack)
all go so well together. Of course it will be
seeing lots of changes for the holidays.
There's July-Independence Day, Fall, 
Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas,....
and on and on....
How much fun is that?!  It will also
be nice to use for entertaining filled with
 snacks or as a coffee station. I'm feeling
 pretty good about this purchase for $19.00.

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  1. I love your tray and how you've dressed it up. Oh, I remember your long chicken feeder and how cute it was with all of your dishes! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. ,lovely idea, Happy new week with love Janice

  3. I am intrigued about the chicken feeder. Will you please feature it soon? Also, where did you get your new 3-tiered tray. I have been on the hunt for one and never come across them. Thanks! Love your blog and your Longaberger collection. Have a great week, Jill

    1. click on the (highlighted) words chicken feeder and it will link you to the blog post for more info. I found the tray at Sam's Club. Thanks for visiting! XO

  4. Where did you get your tray? I love them and can't find one that is affordable.

  5. Where did you get your tray? I love them and can't find one that is affordable.

  6. What an amazing display I really love your new vignette...What what a deal for 19.00. Have an exciting and joy filled week.

  7. Love the tray! They are usually expensive.

  8. Love the tray and you sure know how to display all your adorable spring goodies.


    Debbie Kay