Thursday, May 14, 2015

What Calms Me

My "thing" is always having the breakfast 
table set. It's where we eat. If that's done, 
I'm OK. I like need to see an organized,
pretty place to relax and have our next meal. 
Whatever else may be going on in the rest 
of the house, at least this space is calming 
and waiting for me.
Sometimes I make big changes, but usually
 it's a little weekly tweeking to freshen-up
 the look. It takes me just a few minutes
to spritz the glass top, add different 
placemats, napkins, maybe  a runner, 
or tablecloth; and add something
 to the centerpiece.
Maybe change the dishes.
I've had this one, more-or-less, for weeks. 
They usually don't last that long before
 I get bored with them or get inspired
 with a new idea. 
So when I need a sense of calmness, 
I set the table. What do you do? 



  1. So in love w/blue and white these days, and yours are gorgeous.
    What calms me? Clear kitchen counters, fresh flowers throughout our home, and serving trays filled w/rotated goodies.

  2. Oh, this table with all the blue and white, would calm me, too!

  3. Your centerpiece is calming with the blue and white theme! The blue transferware kettle shape teapot is so appealing. I can't remember the name of your china or is it Denmark? Have a great week!


  4. Great style. Blue and white have such a clean and refreshing look. Great tablescape.

  5. Rita, your tablescape is just glorious! I'm crazy about blue and white, so calming, so crisp and so delightful!


  6. My calming place is in my garden, my soul feels at peace. We have two table, dining and kitchen, and they always have stuff on them. Being a smaller home it seems to get messy real quick!

  7. I understand your thinking. Love the color of blue in the placemats and napkins. That's a wonderful pattern on the dishes. This would make me smile to see and definitely a treat to enjoy daily!

  8. Love the blue and white, that's always calming. I have this crazy addiction to rearranging my living rom. I don't think there is a way left for me to try but I always feel like there is one more way I haven't discovered yet. Afterwards everything goes back and I promise I won't do it again!

  9. I also love to do a pretty table to feel serene and peaceful! Love the blues...your dishes are beautiful!

  10. That is a great idea and the dishes are beautiful! Thanks for linking with Home Sweet Home!