Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Heart Trash Day

I get the best freebies when our neighborhood
 has it's quarterly bulk trash pick-up.
Some people can't be bothered selling on 
Craigslist or donating so they just toss 
perfectly or slightly perfect household things
out to end up in our landfills!.
 It's the stuff of nightmares! 
I do what I can, by rescuing a few items. 
Here's the three I found this time.
 A beautiful  wrought iron chandelier. 
Ready to hang in my dining room. 
It's 31"D and 21" high
 It has 9 arms complete with shades. 
 Even the bulbs were included...
at no extra charge!
Perfect white shades.
 A giant 36x48 canvas that had been painted
 green. I can paint right over that or find lots
of creative uses for it at Pinterest
I've pinned some too. 
I unscrewed this perfect black lampshade
off of a broken lamp. I guess the former 
owner didn't know you could do that.
 It's black silk with a cream silk lining.
 Of course there were lots more goodies,
but I was with someone that kept asking,
"Where are you gonna put it?" ahem!
I did tell my lawn guy to swing over a few
 streets and pick up a great brown leather
 sofa and love seat.
I'm gonna need a bigger truck!



  1. You always make me smile!!! I have been known to haul things home from the dumpster! After Christmas this year I took several bags of REAL trash and had to WAIT while a man unloaded his truck.....I got over my irritation at him taking up the whole parking area rather quickly - once I saw all that he had 'dumped!'
    I brought back a fully lit and decorated 4 foot Christmas tree, 2 small table trees, a brand new still in package yoga mat from the gym down the street (the gym that has a big billboard advertising LOOK GOOD NAKED!) as well as a new box fan - which will come in handy since RV's are like tin cans when it's hot!
    My favorite line in your post today? "I'm gonna need a bigger truck!"

  2. I love a good junk rescue story! Lucky you! Those were great finds!

  3. Oh I am with you, I would definitely be there in a minute, I would rent a truck if needed. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  4. I do so envy all you folks.... I guess I can't even imagine it! All trash in our area must be in bags and in trash containers. Anything that doesn't fit in a bag, you must go to the village office and pay for a sticker for it before you can put it out. Each furniture piece is $5 to $10 and one can get a ticket if found going through someone's trash. You can ask the person who threw it away, and you can reimburse them for the ticket they purchased...but that kind of defeats the purpose in most cases. So I live vicariously through all of you!!

    Chris K in Wisconsin

  5. Lol! My husband would have asked the same thing! Where are you going to put THAT!
    Great finds! We missed out on 3 absolutely wonderful looking curved topped trunks we saw from across a very wide busy street in Sherman Oaks CA while visiting my Dad. Before we could dash over there a couple in a car were stuffing them and hanging them from their car holding on to them for dear life! It's funny now to think back to 1973 and how it looked like, sure sorry we didn't get there in time though!

  6. I think I need to move to a different neighborhood!