Tuesday, July 17, 2012

IKEA Pillow

I had a credit at IKEA, so I had to buy something.
I've always liked this pillow but wasn't
sure it would work in my house.
So around the house it went looking
 for a good spot. I like it here.
I like it there.
 I think I should have bought a pair.
I like the blue and touch of red.
(see more of the CL headboard HERE.)
I think it looks best in the family room 
where I'm still sneaking in more red.
Lucy: "Hey! Is that a new pillow?"
"I like it here!"
 Lucy loves down pillows best.



  1. Looks like Lucy gives it two paws up. She is so cute and so is the pillow. Good choice! I like it in the family room and the bedroom. Isn't it nice that you can use it in several rooms? I love accessories that can be switched around.

  2. It looked great in all the rooms! Maybe you better ask Lucy where she would like it to be:)

  3. I laughed when I saw Lucy on your new pillow. I don't know which is cuter...well the pillow is cute but Lucy is cuter!

  4. I think Lucy needs her own Ikea account.

  5. I've got one of these and they are so versatile, it looks good in all those locations. But that amazing headboard really caught my eye!


  6. I love accessories I can move from room to room and I really like this pillow. I reminds me of the coziness I felt when I walked into my Grandma's home. It's a feel good pillow. Looks like Lucy agrees. Thank you for your beautiful blog. Your kitchen ideas are my favorite. I study the pictures with such intensity. Love all the baskets and dishes. I always look forward to reading your blog. Thanks again. Brenda in Kentucky

  7. Love the pillow, and I need it. Love it on your bed.

  8. Lucy has the right idea! Pillow adds liveliness.