Thursday, May 17, 2012

Origami Birds

These oragami birds were collected from a
 wedding we attended in Alexandria, VA 
in 2008. Handmade origami cranes are 
 a beautiful wedding tradition.
These were part of the decorations. 
It's from an ancient Japanese legend.
 The couple or the family make 1,000 
origami cranes during two months before the 
wedding. This will bring the couple good luck. 
 Read more about it HERE.
After the family and a few guests took all 
they wanted, these were left for the 
clean-up crew.  I couldn't let that happen!
I gently scooped up as many as I could into 
a trash bag, being careful not to crush them.
I filled my apothecary jar with colorful cranes,
the one that always sits on the counter tray.
I draped a garland of birds across the top of
the pie safe in the living/entry room.
These beautiful origami cranes bring 
good luck wherever they go. 
They are often given as baby or get well gifts.
A beautiful tradition.
Good Luck To You!

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  1. What a wonderful tradition. I've always liked the Moravian paper stars. Mmm, maybe I will have to go back to the project "Tree of 1,000 Stars." Strawberry Puff Pancake this morning! I just LOVE that recipe. Thank you for your amazing blog.

  2. A lovely seller on ebay once put one in my parcel, they are so beautiful - I love how you have saved and used them, especially the garland :o)
    Rose H

  3. I've made these since I was little. It's so nice to see someone who appreciates them. My mom would make long strands, then gather them together into one big mobile. All the strands draping down like wisteria. Thanks for the memories and the smiles tonight.

  4. I really like your blog and would like to be entered to win a chicken roaster from tumbleweed pottery. Thanks for the giveaway.