Monday, June 28, 2010


Handmade Hearts and Thrifty Throws

My collection of handmade hearts. Some are made from old quilts, some are from scraps of leftover material, trim and ribbon. All were picked up here and there and now are gathered together in an old basket, that's been sprayed white.

The basket sits on top of my collection of handmade afghans. Those were picked up "Goodwill Hunting" at thrift stores while traveling on road trips. I just toss them into the washing machine and machine dry with softener sheets and they come out sweet and soft. They are nice and big, and most of them were only $3-$5. The yarn cost more than that, not to mention the time and talent to crochet or knit them! It all sits on top of a stack of large Longaberger baskets, another collection, next to my bedroom wall unit.