Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Plant An Herb Garden

Find a little space in your garden, front or back yard to plant an herb garden. You can also use pots on the patio, window box, or by a sunny kitchen window. Buy the herbs in pots from your grocery store or garden center. Publix has nice large herb pots.
The ones I use:

Chives- baked potatoes, sauces, omelets, eggs, salads
Parsley-for everything
Oregano- all things Italian
Sage- chicken, sauces, pork,
Rosemary- chicken, potatoes, sauces, Italian, pork, beef, lamb
Thyme- chicken, beef, pork, potatoes, lamb
Cilantro- all things Mexican
Basil- tomatoes, Italian, sauces
Mint- garnish iced tea , lemonade and cocktails,
You'll use them all the time!

I found the pottery herb markers at our local art and craft fair. They are handmade by  Pots In America (

use the herbs when you make
Perfect Roast Chicken (click on to see my recipe)


  1. I love the planter. I actually have a smaller one in my front yard.

  2. Did you make your planter? and could you share if you did. Thanks Love your blog.

  3. REPLY: The tipsy pots planter is very easy, just stick a metal rod into the bottom pot and thread the other pots through their bottom holes. Fill with soil and plant. I'll do a photo post in the next few days. Thanks for stopping by!