Monday, May 15, 2017

Using Pretty Saucers

Finding pretty saucers at the thrift store
 for 10¢ to 25¢ is easy. 
There are so many ways to use them. 

1. A Catch-all plate for jewelry.
2. A small plate for snacks or cocktail party much better than paper.
3. A coaster for drinks.
4. Use them with mismatched cups.
5. A row of them down the center of a table
    topped with jars filled with flowers or
    votive candles.
6. A base for a fat candle.
7. A base for a chandelier's lights (you'll need
    to drill a hole in the center for this project).
8. A soap dish
9. A saucer for a small potted plant.
10. Add a little seasonal color to a candle
     stand, as I've done here.
The red Spode saucers from my dish set
look pretty for Valentine's Day or Christmas. 
 The Longaberger wrought iron candle stand
 without the colorful saucers.
Three mix-match saucers trio in red, white, 
and blue for summer.  
You may already have a random collection 
of saucers. Enjoy using them.  


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  1. Love the saucers and new ideas.
    Those were the days when I could go to the discount store for a pottery company and buy saucers for ten cents. Today GW has nothing below 99 cents. As a younger person, I bought those mismatched saucers for another reason-don't tell. I use to break them to get rid of my frustration instead of screaming and yelling.

  2. I love saucers! When we are in our camper I use them to sit on top f our big tea glasses to keep the insects from dropping in for a taste. Loved seeing the way you use them!

  3. Some great ideas! Many thanks!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. such a great idea never thought of some of these things. I use them for plants sometimes.

  5. I love all of your great suggestions for using saucers! My favorite was using them for a base on the beautiful candle pretty! Thank you for sharing - I'll be looking for pretty saucers every time I'm out thrifting!