Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Dog Love Story

 I lost my beloved furbaby Lucy
last November 1, 2014.

I didn't blog about it because
I was so heartbroken.
See, tears are now flowing again.
 She was our last Yorkie.
She was such a sweet baby.
She was my shadow and my sweet love.
We enjoyed everyday together.

She always had me in her sight.
She loved her comfy basket.
Isn't she just the cutest baby?!
She loved the patio when we sat outside.

We were addicted to each other.
She went everywhere with us.
Nothing can ever take her place.

We had 4 doggies; Bo our white cockapoo, 
then we added our rescued 2 Yorkies;
Lucky and Princess
 Soon after Princess had puppies. We gave
one to my daughter (Fritzie) and others to
 friends. We kept the baby, Lucy.
 We loved all our doggies dearly and they
 had a wonderful life that was full of love
and affection. They were our family.
 They traveled with us everywhere.
There are lots of posts on the blog with
our many road trips. There were many
more trips before I started blogging.
 There isn't a day that goes by without
thinking about them and how sweet and
wonderful they were and the joy
they gave to our lives.
 They will always be in our hearts.
It's been a year now without dogs for the
first time in 20 years.
Now things have changed......
We had an unexpected addition to our
family in October.
I'll introduce her in my next post. 



  1. Such a sweet story...now you've got me crying...our furbabies are very important...looking forward to your next post...hugs...

    1. I cry every time I read a touching dog story. Thanks Donna. <3

  2. Oh Rita, I understand so well the loss you feel. They were all sweet dogs, all with their own personality, I'm sure, and you must miss them so much. There is sometimes one that makes it's way so deep into your heart and I can see Lucy did that with you. I'm so sorry for your loss and I understand how hard it was to post about it. We just lost our dog of 15 years 6 weeks ago. I am still feeling him brush against me, I look for him everywhere. The love is so deep that it takes a long time to learn to live without them. He was my buddy and I loved him with all my heart. I hope knowing you gave Lucy and all the others such a good, love-filled home will bring peace and help to heal your broken heart. I wish you a Very Happy New Year and look forward to meeting the new 'lucky one'. Deb

    1. Thanks you for the heartfelt comment. You understand. I'm sure I will still "feel"Lucy after 15 years as you do your sweet dog. They will forever be in our minds and heart.

  3. What a beautiful post. We have 2 yorkies and love them to pieces. I am heartbroken for you. Can't wait to meet the new addition. Di

    1. Thank you Diane. Dogs can never be replaced, but we can give our love and a good life to a new fur baby.

  4. Oh Rita, I am sad to hear of Lucy's passing. I was missing her in your posts. She is running around with the others at Rainbow's Bridge, I truly believe that. Looking forward to meeting your new fur baby.

  5. So very sad for you. Fur babies are the best. Can't wait to meet your new addition!

    1. they are the best. Each one is so different and lovable. Thank you.

  6. Rita I was going to tell you to run to the nearest shelter and find your new next love he or she is just waiting for you. our hearts grieves for our little furballs because they give unconditional LOVE,maybe you already found a new one one to love I hope so.Love susie

  7. I do so feel your pain, Rita. We lost our black lab, Ivy, last year and still look for her when we enter a room. Keep your memories close and know how blessed Lucy was to have found you. Rosie

  8. I do know the pain of losing a beloved pet. We have been through it twice and will again, my Cavalier King Charles is getting old and feeble, she is my shadow and love!

  9. Oh Rita, I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Lucy. She was adorable and it is obvious that you both loved each other. We lost our sweet Nettie (toy poodle) about 8 years ago and it was like we lost a child, we both cried for days. I still miss her and never got another dog. We had her for 17 1/2 years and like you said, nothing could replace her. XO

  10. I saw your post on someone else's post. Now, I have tears reading about your babies. We lost our one and only Yorkie last summer. She was only 11 but had lot of ailments. I think we were so lucky to have her for the last four years. We tried everything but she just couldn't breathe. I knew it was coming and knew I wanted another doggy. We also have a pound puppy a Springer Spaniel. that loved her so much. We were all devasted when she passed. We got a little CHorkie soon after. He brought out Springer alive again. We have had him now for 6 months and he has been a joy. I can't wait to see your addition.

  11. Rita, I am so sorry for your loss. I know our dogs are family.