Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Stack Christmas Tree

A tree for  book lovers.
So simple! 
Just cover a few books with 
brown craft/wrapping paper.
This one is a single stack of books. 
Pick out a few books, small medium and large
and  simply cover them. Use brown
craft paper or even paper grocery bags.
The red "things" fell from a tree where I
 had parked my car, so naturally I picked them
 up. I wish I had gathered more. I'll keep a 
look-out for more. 
I already had a few books covered and
labeled with "Halloween spell" titles.
I just turned them page-side out
and covered a few more.

I've seen larger ones using a circle of books
on the bottom, adding more books teepee
style. You can even string mini white lights
 around your creation.

This is so easy and uses what you have.
I like the natural look of it. I can have
this out during November and all
through Christmas and into January.


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