Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pink Tea

A nice surprise when I made a pot of tea.
It was pink!
I just picked out a new tea bag- 
Harney & Sons Organic Passion Plum .
It made a lovely pot of tea!
 I never leave the tag hanging out of the
pot after the tea has brewed, but I wanted
to show you before tossing the bag.
 The pictures don't show the true color pink!
 It's so pink even Larry noticed it when he 
poured himself a cup! "Hey, this tea is pink."
 That's how pink it was!
 Goes perfectly with the Pink Willow tea set.
 A little Valentine decor in the family room.
 It's been chilly here in Florida, 
so a tea break was welcomed. 
Even Lucy found a nice warm place nearby
on the red down throw.
 The wooden stars and hearts on jute string 
were used with evergreen garland in the 
family room at Christmas. I get another use 
for them in February and again in July.
Of course we'll need a treat for our tea.
Oatmeal~Pecan Jam Bars
More pink...
(click for the recipe)


  1. I just had my first taste of Harney tea at a Christmas Afternoon Tea. It is quality tea. I am anxious to try the plum tea.


  2. I have never seen pink tea. Your teapot and cups are gorgeous and I love your Valentine's decorations - just the right amount.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. So pretty! I have the same Pink Willow tea pot and dishes. I love tea and would love some pink tea too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. this tea set and plates is so pretty did you buy them all together as a set? I don't have pinecones where I live so I have to use Magnolia pods.Susie

  5. How lovely! I'm glad to see you are "in the pink". Now I'll have to see where I can find some Harney's tea.

  6. Everything looks great! Pink is my favorite color! Susan